Charlie. Why It’s The Best Reason To Get Undressed And Hit The Beach

Greetings from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!  After spending my first early winter in NYC and the holidays Skiing in Utah I’m soaking up some much needed warmth and sun.  When packing my bag for the beach I included a pair of flip flops, some tank tops, and all the Charlie By Matthew Zink swimwear I own.


Charlie By Matthew Zink is my favorite swimwear and here’s why.   I love the way I look and feel in Charlie.  Period.   I took a few moments to ask Matthew, the mastermind behind Charlie, why his line is so amazing.   Matthew also gave some “must have” tips when buying a suit.  At some point in the near future you will be wearing a swim suit so I suggest you read on.


Matthew designed a line “for the person who loves swim wear, for the bikini lover.  A person who loves swimwear loves himself.”   Confidence paired with a “great smile is the best accessory to wear with a bikini” or a brief, says Matthew.  You are the “most naked you will ever be in public, enjoy that.   Celebrate what you like about yourself, and accept what you don’t.” May I mention that Rihanna and J.Lo both love Charlie….(as you can see from Rhianna’s instagram photo below).


With Matthew’s wise words in mind, I know it can be a bit intimidating running around a beach when you don’t feel you are in your best shape.  As a personal trainer, I can help you with that and you know how to get ahold of me. Apart from getting your body into the best shape possible before hitting the beach the following are some of Matthew’s tips for finding a suit that works for you.

  1. Everyone should have a black bathing suit. 
  2. For the ladies, look for a bikini with a lot of curve in the front and a straight cut in the back.  A straight line cuts across your butt, making it look smaller
  3. Create balance, if you have a wide top, choose a wide bottom to match.
  4. For the Men; You have strong legs.  Choose a shorter swim soccer short for a “James Bond” look or even choose a brief if you are comfortable showing off your legs.

Now It’s time to select the best suit for your pool party, beach resort vacation, or Fire Island / Laguna Beach weekend (depending on what coast you are on).  Matthew has extended a special offer to Rezalution Fitness fans! Just use code REZAXO at checkout for 20% Off all Charlie by Matthew Zink Collections at



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