Losing Your Love Handles

The summer season is officially here! Are you and your abs ready for the pool, the beach, and outdoor activities? Do you feel like you need to wear a loose t-shirt, tank top or moo moo to hide the midsection you’ve been meaning to lose from winter weight gain? Get up off the couch and do something about it! No more hiding behind your spanks! 

I’m trying a quick routine with exercises that are helping work my abs. Join me!  I’ve added the routine to 4 of my workouts for the last 10 days and will continue until my abs are rockin! If you work your love handles and abs over time and effort you’ll get the results you want. Give yourself a challenge and show off your abs this summer!  You can also complete the outlined exercises as a work out if you have limited time to work on your fitness. Before we start let’s have a reality check.

REALITY CHECK #1 – You must have a healthy diet to get results. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Don’t waste your time by eating unhealthy. If you want a washboard stomach you have to work for it. Drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water a day. Eat your vegetables. Limit or completely omit fried foods and dairy from your diet. I said it…get over it cheese lovers. Consume very minimal processed sugars. Eat lean meat. You want to be lean, eat lean. Period.

REALITY CHECK #2 – You’ll lose stored fat (love handles) and increase your metabolism more effectively with cardio-vascular exercise and resistance training. It’s can be difficult to lose your mid section (if you have one) but when you start cardio and strength training consistently it will happen! It takes a few weeks before you start to see the physical benefits of your diet and exercise program. <strong>You will see almost immediate results in your energy level, overall mental alertness when exercising daily. 20 to 45 Minutes of “cardio” activity 4 times a week will do. Try interval training, your fat will melt away!

REALITY CHECK #3 – If you want abs you must complete targeted abdominal exercises…firm up the muscles under the fat!
Let’s get moving. Try adding the following 2 circuits to your workouts 4 times a week or make them your workout depending on how much time / energy you have. If you are not familiar with the exercises email me for a rundown at reza@rezalutionfitness.com

Circuit 1 (upper body) – Repeat 5 – 10 times after warming up

  • Pushups – 10-20
  • Crunches – 20
  • Bench (tricep) dips – 10-20
  • Reverse Crunches – 20
  • Pull-ups – max reps
  • Hanging Knee up
  • Stretch abs/lowerback
  • Cardio 20 minutes

Circuit 2  (legs) – Repeat 4-5 times

  • Walk, bike or jog 5:00
  • Stretch legs
  • Squats – 20
  • Lunges 10 / leg
  • Left crunches – 25
  • Right crunches – 25
  • Hip rollers – 10/side
  • Stretch abs / lower back
  • Cooldown walk or bike 5:00 / stretch

Best wishes – Reza

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