The Mio Alpha Wrist Heart Rate Sport Watch….My New Best Friend

mio alpha obsessed

mio alpha obsessed

My latest obsession is the mio alpha “high performance heart rate sport watch”!  The mio is a great fitness performance and tracking tool.  It is different from others in the market because you don’t need an uncomfortable chest strap.  The monitor sits comfortably on your wrist like a watch and connects via bluetooth to your mobile device.

With this I’m able to complete effective heart rate training, interval training, save my workouts and track my progress. I also ask my private training clients and cycling students to wear the mio during their session to optimize their workout.

It’s a lot of fun to see the difference between a traditional resistance training workout vs. a circuit style resistance training workout.   Obviously the circuit style workout burns more calories and works when you are trying to drop some extra pounds.

The mio connects to almost a slew of apps to help you track your performance and reach your fitness goals.

Check out the mio alpha at

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